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Emergency Services in Beed

Emergency Services Available in Beed

Beed is quite an underdeveloped district of Maharashtra with a weak infrastructure. The main source of their income is drawn from Tourism as it is historically, quite a renowned place. The geographical location and frequent floods is a reason behind the slow development of Beed. But there are certain amenities that need to be available to people residing not just in cities but also across remote villages such as Police Stations, Ambulance Services, Blood Banks, Fire Stations, Eye Banks, Chemists etc. Beed too has these basic emergency services available for use by the common people of the town as well as the villages around the town.

Collector and District Magistrate, Beed
Collector Office,  Nagar Road, Beed, Maharashtra, India. Pin code: 431122
Phone :02442 -222201(Office), 02442-222202(Home), Fax : 02442-222011

Citizen's Call center - 155300
Child Helpline - 1098
Women Helpline - 1091
Crime Stopper - 1090

Even though the town has almost every emergency service available quite easily, the villages find it a tad difficult to access these services. Some of the villages barely have these services available to them and have to visit the town to get support.

Below the emergency services are listed in order of their availability.

Police Stations in Beed

Beed has a total of 34 police stations including the district head quarter situated within the town. Police stations are to the locals in every village of the district.

  • The Superintendent, the additional Superintendent, deputy Superintendent, Local Crime Branch, District Special Crime Branch and the Control Room are all located within the town
  • There is a contact email id available for the locals which is
  • Apart from this there are six main sub-division of the Beed Police department that include all the cities under them- SDPO Beed, SDPO Gevrai, SDPO Majalgaon, SDPO Ambajogai, SDPO KAIJ and SDPO Ashti
  • The SDPO Beed includes the Beed Town Police Station, Peth Beed Police Station and Beed Rural Police Station
  • SDPO Gevrai includes Gevrai Police Station, Talwada Police Station and Patoda Police Station
  • Under SDPO Majalgaon, there are Majalgaon Police Station, Dindrud Police Station, Shirsala Police Station Parli Rural Police Station and Parli Town Police Station
  • The SDPO Ambajogai covers Ambajogai Police Station, Bardapur Police Station, Yousufwadgaon Police Station and Neknoor Police Station
  • SDPO Kaij covers Kaij Police Station, Dharur Police Station and Pimpalner Police Station
  • Lastly, the Ashti SDPO includes Ashti Police Station, Ambhora Police Station, Shirur Police Station and Chaklamaba Police Station

Blood Banks in Beed

The Beed district has only two notable blood banks that are operational and availed by all the other towns and villages of the district.

1) One Blood Bank is situated within the Town’s General Hospital
2) The other Blood Bank is at the Swami Ramanand Tirtha Rural Hospital, at Ambejogai, Beed

Eye Banks in Beed

Eye Banks in Beed are also limited to only the town and there are only two such notable banks available for public use, both are listed below:

  1. There is one Eye Bank at the District Hospital
  2. The only other Eye Bank in the town is the Shushrusha Medical Foundation Eye Bank
Ambulance Services in Beed

Although there are certain car services that also provide Ambulance Services, there are mainly 3 notable and certified Ambulance Services that are available for the locals.
  1. Beed Ambulance Services- This is the main Ambulance Service of the town of Beed and is located at Bhalbhim Chowk, Dhondipur, Tilak Road
  2. Sahyadri Accident Hospital Ambulance Services- Named after the Sahyadri Range that surrounds the district, this ambulance service too is located in the town of Beed at Jalna Road
  3. Shivsena Ambulance Services- Started by a politically influenced NGO, this ambulance service provider too is located in Beed town.

Fire Stations and Chemists

Only one Fire Brigade which operates from the town of Beed provides services across the entire district of Beed. While there are several local chemist shops available in the town, there are very few situated in the villages. The distance is quite a lot from villages to the nearest chemist shops. But there are homeopathic and Ayurvedic chemist shops available around the villages and the city too.

Beed still needs a lot of work on its infrastructure, emergency services as well as medical services in order to become a proper place to survive in. A lot of people leave the town to look for jobs and better medical services.

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