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Tourism in Beed

The district of Beed is quite sluggish as far as development, education and health is concerned. But in case of Tourism, it has the potential to beat many popular historical tourist spots of India. Having a long and interesting background, Beed in Maharashtra is home to some of the oldest and majestic historical monuments of Old India.

There are almost 36 tourist spots in the entire district of Beed, that include religious spots, historical monuments, museums, gardens and parks, wildlife sanctuaries etc. But some of these places are more popular than others. Each tourist spot is divided based on their type, such as temples and mosques would be under religious spots, museums will be under the museum section and so on.

Tourist Spots in Beed

The term tourist spots is too vast and can include different types of places that can be visited in a particular district. The same is applicable in case of the district of Beed as well. The top 10 popular tourist spots of Beed include:

The Famous Khandoba Temple of Beed

  • The Kankaleshwar Temple of the Yadava Period
  • The four historic gates built around the city that were constructed to protect the city of Beed
  • Jama Masjid built by the Mughals
  • Khandoba Temple built during the era of the Nizam’s and often regarded as the symbol of the city
  • Khazana Bawdi, a strange historical well built by the Nizams
  • Yuva Shantivan which is a park, located by the Bindusara Lake
  • Mohammad Tughlaq Tooth Samadhi, located in the village of Karzani, Beed
  • The Bendsura Dam which is the most beautiful views of the town during monsoons
  • Shahenshah Wali Dargah, it is a frequently visited mosque in the town of Beed
  • Manjlegaon Dam, a dam known for its scenic beauty, water sports and tourist resorts
Though this list is very small considering the different tourist spots in Beed, it covers the most popular and frequently visited places.

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